Does Magnesium Help You Sleep?

  • Does Magnesium help you sleep?


    Maybe, but probably not in the way that you think it does.


    Here's the truth:


    People have taken Magnesium before bed for years, sometimes in the mixed product ZMA. (zinc & Magnesium).


    The reasoning here is that Mg helps you sleep, so you take it before bed, right?


    Well - no


    A magnesium deficiency can disrupt sleep because it affects the GABA receptors in your brain.


    GABA receptors not interacting with GABA = poor sleep.


    Restoring magnesium sufficiency effectively removes this issue and helps you nod off!


    Now. Mg insufficiency is really common especially in those who train/exercise, so it makes sense that this group experienced better sleep when using a Mg supplement.


    But it's not that Mg helps sleep, it doesn't, it's just that a deficiency definitely plays a role in screwing it up.


    To avoid deficiency, ensure that via food and supplements you are meeting your RDA needs.


    Spinach, nuts, eggs and oily fish are your best bet - but a quality Mg supplement isn't a bad idea if you are struggling due to a low calorie intake, or food preferences.


    -Louise O'connor

    Fitness & Nutrition Coach