Turning 10 Years in Retail into a Spanish Lifestyle

  • It was June last year, and I'd only just returned from my summer holiday to Marbella, when I stopped to think about what I wanted from life. I am self employed, owning a successful retail business with a loyal customer base and an excellent brand image. I've built up a reputation with our customers that is rarely matched, so why would I want to change that?

    While the warmer climate and almost gaurenteed sunshine all year round is idillic, there's deffinately more to it. There's an atmosphere in every Spanish town, especially when mixing with the locals, that makes the country so apealing. Their whole 'way of life' is something that I would think most Brits looking to emegrate would consider a deal clincher. That layed back attitude that we all hate when you need something doing, is what's driving me towards creating a more relaxed life for myself.

    Many months past, and many evenings were spent talking with my Wife Sam about how we would fund our move overseas. We don't earn massive amounts, nor do we have huge savings. I have always invested in my business, with an idea that one day, I could cash out. Since November, I've been winding down the business slowly, and that will continue over the next 12 months or until such a time that I close the doors forever.

    In April, I made contact with an Architect who has now produced plans so we can convert the shop premises into two large flats. We now have a six to eight week wait for the planning application to go through, though there is an eire of excitement in our house.