Fiona Catchpowle – font of Facebook knowledge

  • Mixing up your Facebook Page with your Facebook Profile?

    I was too, until five minutes after meeting #AskCyberGran at her hands-on (and funny!) Facebook Marketing Part 1 training on Friday.

    Four hours later, Fiona´s small band of Cyber Heroes were just about fluent in `Facebookese´, ready to enter the network with newfound social confidence, and able to Profile our Pages to better effect.

    Thanks Fiona, can´t wait for my Free 28-Day Facebook Fit Challenge.

    Watch this space (and Face).

    Chris Dove



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  • Fiona Catchpowle
    Fiona Catchpowle Thank you Chris 
    What a lovely review, I really appreciate you putting finger to keyboard, you're a star  
    May 30, 2016 - Report