The naked date...

  • Running a couple of dating sites has its moments! We have had lots of romance and a few marriages in the 3 years we have been around in France ( and now Here's a funny story sent to me by Steve, who was one of our members....

    Hey Katie May,

    Thought I would drop you a line about a funny thing that happened to me on expat dating in France.
    I joined last year and got chatting to a few ladies. I was still in England selling up my house before hopping on the ferry to move out here for good.
    One lady was a funny one, she told me about her holidays and how good they made her feel, then sent me some photos. She wasn't wearing a stitch in any of them. I thought - well here's a good sport, might just go and see her.

    So she invited me to join her on her next holiday, seems she went to the same place most times, it was like a club. Well it never occurred to me that it was some of nudist getup.
    She met me at the airport and we went down to Sete, or I think that's what it was called. Got to this place down a track and went into a sort of cabin. I was filling in forms at the desk, I turned round to ask her some thing and blow me she was standing there without a thing on. Just shoving her clothes into a locker. Then in comes another lady and starts chatting and she didn't have anything on either. Well you could have knocked me down with a feather..

    Long and short of it was I had to strip off too and felt a proper fool walking around with all those nudies.
    There was a BBQ starting up, so we went there and watching these guys flipping burgers in the nude didn't do a thing for my appetite. There were some pretty ropey looking old girls too and when they leaned over the table to pass the butter it was a right rare sight. I held onto my napkin for as long as I could but then the disco started up and we went to this dance floor in a marquee and I was feeling pretty exposed.

    I jigged around with my lady friend, then things really hotted up and most people were dancing away. There weren't many spring chickens among them and I was thinking I might escape to the bar when up comes this big old bird with a Brazilian. She was shaking it for all she'd got and i made a dash for it before I got beat to death with the flying bazookas.

    I made it to the bar but all those back sides overflowing the barstools were the end of it for me. Took myself off to my cabin and next day I got up early, called a taxi and took the next flight home.
    I've got nothing against nudists, each to their own, but it's definitely not my cup of tea. Don't think it's an experience I'll forget in a hurry!

    I did move over to france and decided on Brittany, reckon the south is a bit too racy for me.
    I met someone else on your site too, we're doing really well and she keeps her clothes on most of the times, or at the proper times anyway.

    cheers, Katie. Hope you're having a great one!