Scammer Alert - how to keep your online dating safe

  • Stay Secure and Stay Safe

    With the anonymity of online dating, it is on the whole, more secure than going to a bar and meeting a stranger. You're in your own space and aren't physically at risk.

    But we all wonder just who it is we're talking to sometimes....

    We try incredibly hard to weed out the 'dirty rotten scoundrels' out there. Members on the site are vigilant too and between us, we're a very good team. But we won't ever be able to guarantee a members' authenticity or integrity. This is where caution is key, and social media may be able to help you gain some insight.

    If your new friend has a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page, connect with them there. This lets you take a look at their history, and no, it's not spying, it's sensible. If their page is a few years old, with lots of photos and friends and the normal activities we all go in for, then chances are your new friend is for real. You can take some assurance from that.
    If their page is not very old, has few friends or much in the way of posts or photos, be wary. If you already had doubts about this person, perhaps now is the time to get in touch with us about it. 

    In our newest Advice & Articles post; we had an incident recently whereby a scammer tried (and failed) to take advantage of some of our members, and this is why we again want to highlight this issue as much as possible.

    The vast majority of people are nice, normal and just want to find that special someone, just like you. So let's not let the occasional bad apple stop that from happening. Take sensible precautions and let your wonderful new adventure really take off!

    Here's a creepy email from a scammer, this guy tried to squirm out of the fact we'd caught him out and stopped him within 24 hours of his attempts to contact members. We'd written and informed the ladies on site to beware of this person. This reply was to 3 of his potential victims in answer to our warning. Needless to say, we never apologised, nor expressed any concern other than to tell him he'd been caught. The biggest message we have in concern of these criminals is Never let Them Stop You Finding Your Dream.


    Dear *****, I’m sure by now you would have received a message/complaint about my profile been suspended from the website, Expat Dating and I feel the need to address this officially as I’m sure this would surely affect my credibility with you put me in a bad light. I have also officially contacted the Administrator of the website to look into this and they have written back to express their concerns and offer me an apology for any inconveniences this may have caused me but they had to suspend my profile for not adhering to the rules and regulations on the website that warns against sharing private e mails. This is not about refunding my profile but a pure defamation of my character and I’m going to do everything to make sure they undo the damage they have caused my reputation because I didn’t mean to go against their rules. 

    Here is what happened. This is my first time on a dating website, first of all I wasn’t sure what I was doing or how the website works which took me a while until I finally figured how to subscribe and respond to messages, and its completely my fault for not reading the guidelines to know what I’m suppose to be doing or not to be doing while on the website which finally led to the violation of the website rules and regulations. Apparently I received couple of e mails from women and I wrote to some of them including yourself and gave out my e mail address to contact me because Its been difficult for me getting around the website. If you no longer want to continue chatting with me because of this I respect that and I would stop writing to you but I just feel there’s a need to address this so you fully understand what happened. I’m an honest person and a man of impeccable character, I’m very sorry and I want to apologise to you as I understand how you must have felt receiving such a message about me. I want to confirm to you that I stop chatting with the other women as soon as we started writing each other and I hope you can give me another chance to prove myself to you as my daughter advised not to give up on you if you are truly the one I want to be with. I just thought I let you know my thoughts on this issue and also to throw more light for you to perfectly understand that I’m not looking to play games with your heart as I’m a man of my word.

    I felt so attached to you after reading more about you and I was hoping we can get to meet to know each other better to see what happens. If I don’t hear back from you I will perfectly understand and wish you all the best in your search.

    Broken Heart,