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  • Hello Ladies

    I have over the past 4 years, seen some big changes to my life. We closed a very successful business in Antas, Almeria at the end of January 2014 (not through the want of trying to sell it), in order to move to Bulgaria to adopt. In April 2014 my hubby and I became proud parents to twin baby girls of 11 months. They have flourished with us in Bulgaria but other reasons brought us back to Spain. The girls take everything in their stride and are quickly learning Spanish.However business is different. I have reopened the old Ferreteria but on an 1/8th scale of what it used to be. However I am working to build it up. Meanwhile I have found another new opportunity, something that I will share with you in the business section. So for those of you who are hard working and fancy a challenge and would like to earn some extra money part time or make it a full time paying job ... contact me for more details. I want a piece of what I had before we left for Bulgaria. However I would not change a day that we spent away as my girls mean the world.


  • Val Anderson
    Val Anderson Hi Zoe, your daughters are delightful and one can feel the love and pride you have for them. Please could you tell me more about the possibility of joining your enterprise as I may well consider getting back into doing something in my life again, apart...  more
    July 5, 2016
  • Zoe Clare Rylett
    Zoe Clare Rylett Hello Val, thank you for your beautiful comments about our gorgeous girls and I definitely know how it feels to be separated from your family.  I would love to send you more information about my new project. Would you like me to contact you by email or...  more
    July 5, 2016