Be still long enough to hear your own wisdom!

  • Be still long enough to hear your own wisdom!

    Sometimes you have to stop and get off the merry go round of life to take some time to be in your own thoughts, because inside of you is all the knowledge and wisdom you are seeking. It’s not in your mind where the chatter is constant and usually full of negativity. The wisdom you seek is in your heart, it’s a treasure chest full of delights and the key to unlocking it, is to simply be still enough to ask the questions and hear its answers.
    Today I did exactly that, I’ve been having a few days of real dark clouds hanging over me, which have left me, exhausted, drained and feeling like I’m spiraling into the big black abyss on a one way ticket. I took myself off to the local gym for a swim in the pool to let not just my body but my mind float in the comfort of the water, as I entered the pool I quickly recognized how I was literally feeling all the heavy weight of my low energy drift to the surface and disperse amongst the droplets of water around me. The water became like a soothing blanket wrapping its arms around me as I gently swam through it and my minds chatter started to slow down to a point of finally stopping. Breathing in and out was all I now focused on, the lightness of my body felt amazing as I tuned in and connected to my heart hearing it whisper to me “ do this more often Kerry, you need time for YOU, I cannot help you heal if you don’t take the time to hear me”.
    Wow it was like a bolt of lightening shocking me into another mysterious realm, I could actually hear my heart reaching out to me, asking me to love me in the way it loves me, which is so beautifully and unconditionally. It beats its drum every single day, tirelessly without recognition for the marvelous work it does; it just has one mission, and that is to keep me alive simply because all it cares about is me.
    Love myself I heard in my mind as I repeated its whisperings to me. Yes that’s what’s missing here. Shawn words in his final days were “its all about the love” Love is what I’m feeling not loneliness, which is what the negative chatter of my mind was telling me.
    Let me explain…
    The negative voice in our head takes great delight into hooking onto things that crop up in life and Grief is a big one!
    It will tell you to behave in a certain way and get you focusing on all the sadness and sorrow that surrounds losing a loved one, which yes it most certainly is all of those but here’s the key. If you feel all this sorrow for the loss of a loved one it means exactly that you Love them!!! Love is not sadness; Love is a warm hug as you enter a place of delight and joy, not fear and darkness.
    My negative voice has got me thinking that this journey I am on now called grief is all about feeling scared, lonely and lost when in fact that’s not what I would choose to believe or feel in my heart at all. It’s even got me excusing the thoughts by justifying them with words like “well after all, this is natural Kerry you are grieving and this is how it’s supposed to feel”
    Supposed to feel? Who says?!
    I feel sad about Shawn no longer physically being here with me as I carry on the rest of this journey called life, but the fact I feel so sad means I have experienced something wonderful, I am blessed to of known Love and feel him Love me in return. This love means I would actually choose to see beauty and adventure in the road ahead of me not fear and doubt. I would choose to be excited at the prospect of discovering a new me, not sadness and sorrow at the prospect of being alone. After all I’ve never really been on my own as I’ve been a wife and mother for the last 18 years. This is the first time I get to really seek out who I am and discover what I like without being an extension of another.
    I get to embrace this new chapter of my story as I explore the possibilities and this is all because I know in my heart that’s what Shawn would want me to do. Love is a gift we must first give to our self before we can truly give to another. Shawn was always encouraging me to not be so hard on myself its only now in his absence that his message is clearer as I hear him saying ‘Its all about the love babe” I didn’t realize at the time the significance of these words, but I hear them loud and clear now as I open up my eyes and ears to my heart and here its whisperings as it teaches me to choose Love over fear and doubt.
    Choose to be still long enough to see and hear the gifts around me, along with the knowledge I already hold within.
    The negative voice within our minds will always trick us to a place of darkness, opening up and listening to our heart is the only real way of flooding it with light, and the switch for this to happen is turning your focus onto the fact “its all about the love”


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  • Caroline Whitaker
    Caroline Whitaker Thank you so much for sharing Kerry! I am sure all who read this will agree one hundred percent with what you have said ! Its such a great reminder of what to focus on x
    January 23, 2018 - Report