Will the INTEGRATION of my Body, Mind & Spirit ever END?

  • While the Human Body and Mind goes through a tremendous reNEWal… natural UPDATES and DETOXIFICATION due to the high light frequencies penetrating Earth and all Humankind, the MasterCreator within (spirit essence) waits patiently to be acknowledged and welcomed in. To fuse in conscious awareness Body, Mind and Spirit and prepare for Embodied Enlightenment. S/he is excitingly READY to play their NEW role in the next phase of Human life and introduce the DivineHumanBeing and enjoy a NEW level of experience beyond anything ever known.

    Meanwhile the Human ‘Barbara’ continues her Integration… wondering if it will ever end. She catches the MasterCreator within, who observes, laughs and wonders if she will allow herself to be distracted again… OR will she continue to breathe, embrace, trust and know that ALL is well. She knows deep within, her Integration will take as long as is appropriate for her and in the meantime enjoy it all AND imagine how she will delight in her new role as DivineHumanBeing living her heart and soul dream.

    I wrote these words the other night as I found myself, yet again, enveloped in a flow of darkness…

    Feeling used, abused and tossed away
    Bullied, torn and worn
    What is LIFE all about?
    ‘Cause I thought we were doing our best
    AND following ALL the rules…

    We stand tall, express well?
    Enjoy the life we perceive
    The miracle and magic intertwined
    Throughout All creation
    Connecting everything together…

    Yet the cold winds continue to whirl around us
    People acting out and pointing fingers
    Are we not wanted and rejected?
    Shall we close our hearts and react?
    Or shall we follow an inner knowing…

    A passion within that steers us to BREATHE
    Consciously in everything we are
    To trust and allow ourself to follow
    The goodness of our own hearts and souls
    Feeling safe in the magnificent world around…

    Where did we go wrong?
    What did we misunderstand?
    All we wanted was to feel the love and joy
    Be with others, have fun
    Dancing, playing and singing together…

    YES, we can be direct and serious?
    Aren’t we just being open, honest
    AND honouring our own feelings
    Isn’t that how we are meant to be?
    Surely others feel our compassionate hearts…

    Only NOW, many years gone by
    Do we realise the game we all continue to play
    A big distraction, to keep us away
    From the POWER within, our natural state of being
    An abundant flow of LOVE and JOY..

    If we’re lucky, we will pick up a book
    Bump into a person who inspires us
    Become AWARE of our individual truth
    AND rise above our dense physical reality
    To a space where we perceive NEW potential…

    I know now everyone plays the best roles we can
    There is no fault, no blame, no judgement
    It’s about experiencing, discovering what we love and desire
    AND realising IAM Magnificent, infinitely powerful
    Because IAM a reflection of YOU…


    Barbara Franken… MasterCreator
    Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

    I published my book Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom to share my journey awakening and integrating All of myself and be able to create a life of celebration as my Magnificent Self. Inspiring others to resonate with their own magnificence and remember their own natural state of being.

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