An Invitation to Dive Deep Within YOU...


    The Invitation By Oriah Mountain Dreamer


    It doesn’t interest me
    what you do for a living.
    I want to know
    what you ache for
    and if you dare to dream
    of meeting your heart’s longing.


    It doesn’t interest me
    how old you are.
    I want to know
    if you will risk
    looking like a fool
    for love
    for your dream
    for the adventure of being alive.


    It doesn’t interest me
    what planets are
    squaring your moon…
    I want to know
    if you have touched
    the centre of your own sorrow
    if you have been opened
    by life’s betrayals
    or have become shrivelled and closed
    from fear of further pain.
    I want to know
    if you can sit with pain
    mine or your own
    without moving to hide it
    or fade it
    or fix it.


    I want to know
    if you can be with joy
    mine or your own
    if you can dance with wildness
    and let the ecstasy fill you
    to the tips of your fingers and toes
    without cautioning us
    to be careful
    to be realistic
    to remember the limitations
    of being human.


    It doesn’t interest me
    if the story you are telling me
    is true.
    I want to know if you can
    disappoint another
    to be true to yourself.
    If you can bear
    the accusation of betrayal
    and not betray your own soul.
    If you can be faithless
    and therefore trustworthy.


    I want to know if you can see Beauty
    even when it is not pretty
    every day.
    And if you can source your own life
    from its presence.
    I want to know
    if you can live with failure
    yours and mine
    and still stand at the edge of the lake
    and shout to the silver of the full moon,


    It doesn’t interest me
    to know where you live
    or how much money you have.
    I want to know if you can get up
    after the night of grief and despair
    weary and bruised to the bone
    and do what needs to be done
    to feed the children.


    It doesn’t interest me
    who you know
    or how you came to be here.
    I want to know if you will stand
    in the centre of the fire
    with me
    and not shrink back.


    It doesn’t interest me
    where or what or with whom
    you have studied.
    I want to know
    what sustains you
    from the inside
    when all else falls away.


    I want to know
    if you can be alone
    with yourself
    and if you truly like
    the company you keep
    in the empty moments.


    By Oriah © Mountain Dreaming,
    from the book The Invitation
    published by HarperONE, San Francisco,
    1999 All rights reserved



    In the early days of the millennium, I came across this beautiful poem from Oriah who had began to write about her experience embracing the sacred mystery within herself.


    It so resonated with me… not being too focused on my circumstances but embracing my dreams, following a deep passion that drove me to explore life… to explore all the facets of myself… feeling into the sorrow and brokenness that life had made me feel AND allowing myself to dance in joy anyway.


    Moving in pursuit of discovering something more that I knew existed beyond the limitations of society… even though it meant betraying others… I had to honour my feelings as I knew my inner knowing would bring me into the fullness of life… in all its vibrant colour and darkness… its beauty and non-beauty.


    Choosing to live a full life… allowing myself to experience all my successes and failures… standing firm on shaky ground… knowing my value… my worth AND trust my every move to bring me exactly where I needed to be. To experience everything there is to experience… yes lonely at times… but I knew very well the presence IAM within had always been there, will always be there, embracing me as I move slowly but surely into uncharted territory.


    Reading Oriah’s words was like a confirmation of being in the most perfect space on my Awakening Journey… and to continue to dive deep into everything IAM and open up more and more to life as I make small steps into the unknown.


    Years later I went on to write my own version of my experience of the sacred mystery IAM in a poem I published in my true Awakening story… Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom. 


    IAM busy at this moment turning my poem into a song with my talented CostaWomen friend Rashpal. Watch this space…





    A Love Song to Barbara
    …From my Divine self to my Human self


    Can you feel me? IAM here
    stirring from deep within your core
    can you hear me… its time
    to untie your chains from all your pains…
    I feel your raw grief and sadness
    feelings of betrayal, being forgotten
    and left behind all alone…
    You gave it all, nothing left untouched
    from your compassionate heart
    but it’s time to let go and focus on
    loving yourself, trusting yourself
    accepting it all… distilling it all


    IAM here now… you are not alone
    never ever forgotten or unloved
    they are just dreams falling away
    experiences, expanding your wisdom…
    Now its time to love your Human self
    unconditionally just as I love you
    forgiving yourself for all your moves
    wanted and unwanted by others…
    For caring and sharing with others
    that have yet to learn how to feel,
    be grateful for the small things
    and the touch of your pure love


    Lets walk together now
    hand in hand, side by side
    your feet caressing the Earth
    the wind stroking your face…
    Your breath bringing in life
    the sea falling and folding around you
    the sun beaming down her passion
    opening you wide open to feel anew…
    The moist salt on your lips, bitter sweet
    a kiss so grand from the depth of you
    where we begin an embodied union
    to be whole… to be physically real


    IAM here now… feel me, know me
    wipe away your tears
    I see you only with eyes of compassion
    and admiration, accepting all of you
    all the lives and loves you’ve loved and lost
    of not being heard or seen for who you are…
    Searching hard for recognition,
    love‚Ä® and companionship to fill the empty hours
    and the deep void within…
    for someone to smooth away the jagged edges
    of all your past wounds and hurts
    IAM here now… IAM here now


    Receive me dear sensual and passionate one
    IAM the part of you that brought you here
    who gave you this gift of experiencing life
    feeling the depths of Human love and fear…
    The pain, the suffering, the injustice,
    the guilt, the shame and regret
    the sharing, the caring, the union
    the love, the joy and passion…
    This Human life continues
    there is no end to the trauma and drama
    until one decides to receive me
    integrate with me and be whole


    IAM here now… waiting
    for open arms, open heart and mind
    an invitation to come and dance with you
    to feel your rhythm and physical being
    to embrace and unite as one…
    Receive me now with each breath you breathe
    feel my caress, what response do you give
    touching each other, absorbing each other
    surrendering, allowing…
    Giving birth to a new creation
    of all of me and all of you
    the DivineHumanBeing


    Together we are one Body Consciousness
    a crystalline embodiment of awareness
    an enlightened Master of Sovereign domain
    daring to love our Self so deeply…
    Dissolving all yesterdays and ancestral ties
    owning Self completely
    with eyes of compassion and a heart of joy
    expanding into and beyond the physical…
    Exploring new horizons never imagined
    bringing in new potential for new creations
    walking between time and no time
    on Earth and in all space


    © 2015 Barbara Franken


    Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
    Inspiring New Energy Consciousness


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