Awakening is the first stage of YOUR Ascension Process

  • My own Awakening began many years ago, I found it an amazing and incredible experience that completely changed who I was over the years. I have always loved reading about true experiences and writing about mine. Since the early 90's I've written notes about how I found my mind expanding and published newsletters to friends and family, and in 2012 as I recognised how more and more people were waking up themselves, I began blogging to share weekly posts about my experiences Awakening. I was delighted to find so many Divine friends over the years, online and locally, and together we continue to inspire and support each other as we all journey further beyond the mind and everything known.

    It's 2019 and Humanity finds itself at a crossroads of having to make a choice between continuing to live in the old Human ways of duality, fear and limitation or stepping into a new DivineHuman way of unity, love and freedom. The energy has never been so high, the Earth and Skies are fertile with awareness, for you to open up and receive your light and truth of who you truly are!

    It is part of my mission to guide others through their Ascension Process... and it all begins with Awakening, waking up to the something more than your limited physical body and struggling mind. 

    I’ve been looking through my blog posts since 2012 and feel it’s time to re-release them, this time in the form of poems. For you to enjoy them and allow the loving energy to inspire you to fully open up and blossom now.


    IAM Awakening,


    my true Authentic Power
    being both fire and water
    two halves of wholeness itself 
    feeling now
    the tide turning
    as my feminine energy
    brings forth love
    transforming all fear
    that my masculinity
    has instilled upon the world

    IAM aware
    of my energies balancing
    as I allow
    the two halves of my mind
    to integrate
    into one creative impulse
    IAM allowing
    my body to flow
    with divine love
    my entire being

    IAM trusting
    my Spiritual Essence
    to guide me further
    exploring where
    i’ve never been before
    my mind, body and spirit
    fully opening
    my heart
    the captain
    of my sacred vessel

    IAM allowing
    myself to live
    in each moment
    being creative
    playing with colours
    touching the mystery
    of hidden dimensions
    the physical reality
    focusing on nature
    the beauty
    and natural order

    I hold a grand vision
    of Humankind
    living in peace
    working together
    in cooperation
    unique and individual dreams
    bringing them into physical reality
    new potentials
    new things
    never before imagined
    to sensationally experience

    © Barbara Franken 2013

    Taken from my original writing here


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