A Women Awakens

  • A Woman Awakens


    Something inside me stirred
    it has been a long and arduous road
    the calm, the drive 
    the dark, the light
    the pain, the love
    the sadness and the peace


    And like a bolt of thunder
    and strike of lightning
    I brought myself to this moment 
    and knew with all my being
    I was the dance
    the union and coming together
    of the two extremes


    In each moment
    I could choose to celebrate
    to cooperate and playfully create
    a life so longed for
    something inside me stirred
    the energies had found each other
    and wonder exploded


    I AM both
    the inner and outer
    the inspiration and creator
    the nurturer and builder
    Will you join me
    in your new
    awakened state


    To follow your dreams
    create your desires 
    and live together
    in a peaceful
    and loving earth
    right here

    ©Barbara Franken 2013


    I originally wrote this loving statement as I found myself deep in my journey of ascension in this post 2013


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