IAM Sovereign and Free...


    The last full moon weekend, which followed a powerful equinox just before the Easter holidays, was, like never before, a powerful opportunity to release all our fears and yesterdays, clean our slate of everything known (most of which has been falsely taught!) and with the intention to embrace new beginnings, quantum leap where man has never been… the unknown!


    I have felt like at no other time, how mass consciousness, are quantum leaping timelines… allowing ourselves to ride higher and higher into our grand dream of unity and harmony! I find myself navigating in uncharted territory, mostly feeling the silence as my Human self surrenders further to Divinity, my own Sovereign Divinity within who is in charge of this adventure taking me beyond everything known. The Human feeling lazy, sleepy and trusting all is well.

    I continue to read how many others are waiting for something or someone to save them! Whether it's a manmade v a c c i n e, which only separates Humanity from Nature more than ever, or a man in shining armour or God himself to come and wave a magic wand, saving Humanity from themselves after all this time, which only strips away our own power and capability of saving ourself!

    It’s our time now to, individually, step into our own Sovereign Power and Oneness and be the light and saviour, and save ourselves from continued control and limitation. It is time to experience true freedom.

    It is for each to hold our grand dream high, of bringing unity and harmony to Earth, and take on, in all fearlessness our new role and step forward being the change. AND as I dare, as YOU dare, we inspire others to stand up too! We are enough, as love and light is so powerful, our example of being light triggers many to join us in this new adventure journeying beyond, creating our own destiny of NewEarth, from within, to out there… together.

    Love already won, we’re all Enlightened Gods experiencing now the embodiment of the DivineHuman and our desire to bring in the new, the unity and harmony on Earth. It is our time now like never before.

    I AM Sovereign Oneness

    The light emanates from the centre of our Central Sun
    expanding consciousness of Humankind on Earth
    naturally raising our light quota and vibration  

    We feel the pressure and change as new light codes
    and frequencies bombard the physical body and mind
    upgrading and detoxing the Human vessel

    Squeezing out and shaking loose everything
    that isn’t anchored in love and light
    emptying the vessel of all fear and belief in lack

    It is a most natural occurrence as the Human
    realises IAM more than body & mind, IAM spirit too
    a Divine loving presence here to embody and save myself

    Born Sovereign and free I embrace, reunite and fully embody
    the Oneness IAM, an essential and unique part of
    Our Magnificent World, full of Human wisdom and delight

    It is all part of a natural Shift of Consciousness
    for Humankind to realise each is powerful in our own right
    far beyond the teachings & propaganda of dual life

    Gradually we fully allow Spirit to come online within
    and begin to observe in a non-judgement and loving way
    how the body & mind take on a new crystalline form

    We are birthing ourselves anew as our Magnificent selves
    here to save ourself from further trickery and forge
    a new path of unity and harmony… on NewEarth

    © Barbara Franken

    ©Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & Master Creator
    Inspiring New Energy Consciousness & Multi-Dimensional Living





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