Enjoying life with my family...

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    We found the blue lake on our walk in the Espuna Mountains…

    Juliette and Ingrid

    Juliette and Ingrid

    Paisaje de Gebas y Embalse de Algeciras

    Paisaje de Gebas y Embalse de Algeciras -
    Blue Lake in the Espuna Mountains

    What a lovely week Tom and I have had with our daughter Juliette and her mum Ingrid… For some reason our family has chosen to live miles away from each other, so we do enjoy coming together now and again… We’ve been exploring the local area around Mazarron Country Club, where we live… enjoying the local food in Spanish restaurants, being inspired by nature, hiking up in the Espuna mountains and down along the beautiful Costa Calida, collecting crystal rocks for my crystal rock mandala… that is near completion… All this wonderful inspiration was channelled into our ‘soul art’.  A happy time together… Always precious memories… that I thought would be nice to share with everyone…


    La Santa Restaurant, Aledo

    Soul Art

    Feeling the energy of an earth vortex… that I’ve decorated as a mandala with rock crystals found in the area…

    A Crystal Rock Mandala that IAM creating... (Work in Progress...)

    A Crystal Rock Mandala that IAM creating… (Work in Progress…)