IAM Reverence...

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    I take some deep

    beautiful breathes

    eyes wide open

    looking around me

    while sitting comfortably

    and peaceful

    content in my knowing

    IAM creation…


    Everything I see

    is the outer layer

    the chosen form

    to embody authentic

    beauty and power

    that emanates out

    into the world…

    I feel the sacredness

    and honour ALL

    every form unfolding

    its unique story…


    This perception of mine

    is my response

    to the qualities I admire

    and resonate with

    on my journey

    experiencing ALL

    in the dense fog

    on the Earth plane…


    IAM Reverence

    recognising the divine

    within and without of me

    the interconnection

    the interdependency

    the uniqueness within

    the oneness…

    Barbara Franken
    Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…