PTSD, Suicide awareness and prevention.

  • Hi all, I hope your having a lovely Valentine’s Day,

    I appreciate that Valentines Day is not all about love for a lot of people when not in a healthy relationships.

    It is why today I have chosen to pay it forward by arranging a live chat with myself, renowned uk psychotherapist and podcaster Richard Nicholls, and EMDR specialist Caroline Strawson. Our aim to help shed some light on people struggling with PTSD post traumatic stress disorder, perhaps not even know they have it or know where to go to get help for a diagnosis and treatment. I was diagnosed with PTSD 5 years ago after the traumatic delivery of my second baby conceived with fertility medicine. Due to a series of massive NHS blunders I nearly lost my life as did my newborn baby. The details are not important but what is important is I was left with a traumatic brain injury and had to receive psychotherapy to first be diagnosed and then treated accordingly. I now live a happy, healthy life with my family. PTSD made me feel like I was going mad, I couldn’t sleep, i was paranoid something bad was going to happen to me or my baby, I became obsessive abou cleanliness as the maternity ward I’d been on had been filthy including the birthing room I had given birth in with blood on the floor on entry that wasn’t even mine!

    I have since learned that suicide rates among those suffering in silence with PTSD are soberingly high and when I know treatment is so successful, it is my wish to now give that hope to others.

    I hope that you will join me on facebook today for the live discussion. The group is called ‘Our Lives Stay Connected’ and the chat is going ahead at 2pm local Spanish time.

    Thank you to Ali for giving me permission to post about this in here.

    Lots of love

    Emma xxx