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SIMPLIFYING Online Tech & IMPLEMENTING Ideas Boldly To Help Passionate But Tech-Frustrated Authors, Creatives, Coaches & Educators CREATE Flourishing Businesses


If you're ready to bring your business idea to life boldly, or want to get more traction with your existing business I can help you in 3 ways:

Strategy – finding your path: I bring my structured analytical mind and 16+ years of experience as a solopreneur to the table to help you navigate the creative process of business building, and to figure out the best path for you to reach your goals.

Online tech – implementing ideas, not collecting them: “Tech Zen” is my middle name ???? I worked in software development for over a decade – analyzing requirements + writing code. I understand websites, hosting providers, podcasting, scheduling or online course platforms, email marketing software etc. – and I know how to explain this stuff even if you're not tech savvy, so whatever you want to do online I can help you implement the strategy, so it doesn't remain just a lovely idea.

Inner Work – cultivating your courage: It's not just about knowing what to do, it's also about dissolving what stops you from actually doing it. Building a business means stepping out into the unknown, and that's scary for most people. There'll be days when you doubt yourself, procrastinate, overthink, worry, feel insecure and discouraged. As a qualified coach I can help you sail through these storms. I help you understand how your mind works, and how that improves the way you build your business. I'll believe in you, even when you don't.



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