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Welcome! My name is Mariëlle de Bruin. Originally a physiotherapist, I graduated as an osteopath in 2012 and have combined both practices with enthusiasm ever since. I can offer help with any condition in which you find yourself lacking mobility caused by pain and/or stiffness and can offer rehabilitation after injury as well. 

Being and understanding both physio and osteopath gives me great diagnostic skills and a wide spectrum of methods of treatment. Examples can be found on my website under "what I treat".

As an osteopath I also treat babies. Being a mum of two little boys myself I became really passionate about this part of my profession. Above all the ¨osteopatic check up¨ of newborns has my attention. Those little creatures are so special! 


Other experiences I have are: 

  • Giving ergonomic office presentations (on location)
  • Analysing the real source of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) caused by work or sports.

I am goal minded and treat with integrity. I like to show patients how to get most benefit out of the treatment with home exercises or other kind of takeaway advice. In my opinion it is important for patients to understand what they can do (or stop doing!) to improve the presented aches and pains themselves. 

I write notes and blogs about issues related to my work. Follow my Facebook page to stay informed!

I speak English, Spanish, Dutch and German fluently. 


Don't hesitate to contact me by mail or phone if you have any questions. Looking forward to help you. 








Phone:  +34  670663910

FB:  @OsteopathyCostaDelSol