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Victoria Pardo is an artist and her Art collections - ‘Abril’, ‘Victoria’, ‘Magia y Color’ , ‘Intermezzo’ and ‘Azul’ - are full of inspirations and motivations from the colours and textures she sees around her in nature and in travel.

Using mixed media - watercolour, pen and ink, acrylic and oils, her painting style is very loose, and impressionistic. Known for her beautiful rich colour palette, her paintings can be painterly, soft, muted or bold and full of energy.

Victoria Pardo has studied with renowned Artists and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Madrid with a very high technical level in classical drawing and painting.  She is constantly learning and experimenting with new techniques mixing natural silk in an alchemy of colours to provide a unique experience in every piece.

All her artwork is painted on the finest quality canvas and can be presented either unmounted or framed. Sizes vary from small paintings up to 180 cm larger works, this depends on the subject and budget.

Part of her artwork has been acquired by investors from Europe, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. She has also collaborated with the Art Gallery of El Corte Inglés in Marbella and Madrid.

If you are interested in commissioning a piece of art for your projects whether it’s for interior design, property development, corporate spaces or retail, Victoria can provide impeccable pieces to suit your project.

ART IN YOUR WARDROBE - Victoria Pardo Luxury in Silk

Along the journey of rediscovering art and tapping into her creative side Victoria discovered a love for Silk. She launched her eponymus luxury scarf brand offering exquisite, unique and luxurious hand painted Silk Scarves, Fans, Foulards, Shawls, Kaftans and Men’s pocket squares blurring the line between Art and Fashion.

Her collections ‘Watercolour‘, ‘Royale‘, ‘Mandala Living‘, ‘Carré for Men‘ and ‘Victoria Art & Silk’are made of 100% silk. They are timeless and every piece has a name, a story to tell immersing you in a world of grace and magic. 

She creates bespoke hand painted pieces and enjoy the challenge of taking your idea through to the finished product refining the design until she has created the perfect piece for you.

Victoria also works for Designers and Shop Museums creating exclusive pieces as a complement of their projects capturing the essence, versality and personality that they want to print at their creations combining passion for art, luxury, quality, innovation and management.

Her products are presented in a white box as a piece of art and are ethically made with the finest of materials. From production to delivery, at every step she strives to achieve a fully sustainable supply chain. 



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Victoria Pardo®
Atelier : Benálmadena- Málaga
Telephone: +34 671 45 83 89