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My MidLife-Mission

As The MidLife Body Transition Coach I am on a Mission to ensure all Women in Business understand why their bodies are changing so they can manage their PeriMenopause | Menopause | PostMenopause transition with confidence alongside leading their business or corporate career.

Own your Own PeriMenopause | Menopause Journey

It’s important to remember that our bodies start to change as we pass the age of 40. Our hormones start to decline through PeriMenopause and fluctuate through Menopause creating 40 potential symptoms and consequences for Us, Our Family and Career or Workplace - We have 40 things to accept over 40!

Therefore we must take ownership and understand why and how our body is changing so we can Lead Ourselves, Family and Business through our PeriMenopause | Menopause| Post Menopause Transition successfully - Well On Most Days!


What Makes Me Different to Other Coaches

I have my own unique MidLife Resilience System which when combined with my Executive Coaching will ensure you will Feel Strong, Think Clearly and Manage Relationships through your PeriMenopause | Menopause | PostMenopause Transition alongside leading your Family, Career or Business.

But more importantly I have navigated this journey before, being misdiagnosed with anxiety and not PeriMenopause at a key point in my career! I had to take time out of my Career & Business to understand and own my changes as I did not want to choose between my changing body or well-earned career & neither should you!


Take Ownership

If you are interested in understanding more about taking ownership, Book a complimentary Coaching Session which includes a MidLife Resilience Assessment and a tour of my Women in Business MidLife Club to “Keep You in Business Through Change & Growth”.

Own it and Book it!