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Fountain Retreats – Europe's Leading Menopause Retreat Company


Fountain Retreats provide empowering & educational 1-Day & 2-Day retreats for Perimenopausal & Menopausal women. The Retreats are interactive & fun and give women the knowledge to make informed decisions & embrace Menopause.


At the heart & core of Fountain Retreats are the 'Four Pillars' that form an holistic approach to not only preparing for and managing menopausal symptoms, but also to improving quality of life during the 40s, 50s and beyond. At every Retreat there are individual 90 minute sessions with 4 Menopause-Trained professionals, who are recognised and accredited as Specialists in their fields. The information they provide and help they give, has helped change the lives of women everywhere.



The Four Pillars of a Fountain Retreat


Mobility and Exercise (Physical Health)

Every Retreat welcomes a specialist Yoga Instructor to guide attendees through a gentle and relaxing yoga session. The yoga sessions are designed to promote mobility, improve heart health and relieve stress and anxiety. Each session is specifically tailored to midlife, menopausal bodies and minds.



A professional nutritionist will attend every Fountain Retreat. Guests will learn about the importance of diet and the food that goes into their bodies. Nutrition can have a huge impact on hormone levels in the body, this becomes vitally important when working to alleviate menopausal symptoms.



With so many options available for menopausal women, Fountain Retreats’ Specialist Nurse will lead a session to sort fact from myth and answer medical questions from guests. Guests will also learn more about how their bodies change during the menopause and how to remain medically healthy through mid-life and beyond.


Psychology and Mental Health

A Psychotherapist will be in attendance to lead a session about mental wellness and the importance of mental health for overall wellbeing. They will work with guests to break down some of the stigmas associated with mental health, and offer practical strategies to promote positive mental wellbeing during such a difficult stage in their lives.


What People Are Saying...


“Fantastic experience at Fountain Retreats, the team were so friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. I felt at ease as soon as I arrived and came away with more knowledge, more friends, and feeling excited about menopause.”


“What an amazing experience. So informative, so relaxed and a fabulous atmosphere. The food was great. Left feeling so positive and on such a high.”


“If you are struggling with menopausal symptoms or just want to learn more about what is happening to your body during this phase of your life, I cannot recommend Fountain Retreats strongly enough.
I met with a group of truly inspirational ladies yesterday who taught me so much about nutrition, exercise and how to manage my own symptoms. We had lots of laughs along the way too.”


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