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If you are a parent, it’s really hard to see your children or teenagers be unhappy or struggle with things like bullying, friendships and self-esteem. Sometimes neither they, nor you, are sure of how to handle situations so they feel good about themselves. If your child needs key life-skills, yet won’t let you help them – or you are just not sure how to go about it – then this is where coaching can make a big difference. Coaching gives them, or you, a solid foundation and positive, practical and immediate tools to use. 

Hello, I'm Andrea Robson and locally in Marbella, I am known as the kids coach - a qualified teacher and former Head of School and now a globally accredited and Certified Coach. I help children to look at what they want to change or build on, come up with a plan and then put it into place.

Sometimes growing up is not easy and as a parent all you want is for your child to be happy - yet you are not always sure how to help them with some of the problems they are facing. I help children to find solutions to issues such as bullying, friendships, stress, relationships at home or school and learning those all important life skills. 

The things children and parents come to talk to me about are friendships, self-esteem, positive thinking, and emotional intelligence and resilience. 

Throughout my career I have been passionate about helping children grow up to be self confident, resilient and self aware individuals who have the skills and tools they need to become happy and successful people in all areas of life. This is where coaching can really help.

While children may face problems such as low self esteem, how they feel and experience it is very personal. Coaching isn't a "one size fits all" process because it is the child themselves who will come up with ways in which can can solve their problem that they feel comfortable with and will work for them. 

For more information about how I work with children, please visit my website:

I work with children from 6 years and above. I also work with parents and schools. I work internationally via skype.