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It is some years since Tina Irving launched LetsGoNorth meets LetsGoSouth. There have been developments in Ireland.  She has formed Rachel Carson Enterprises in Northern Ireland as an environmental company looking at sustainable tourism and environmental projects such as the North Highland Way, a route long awaited across the north of Scotland.

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Tina moved to God’s country in 2016 and set up LetsGoWest in 2018 – the Hispanic Society of Carrickfergus which organises a Spanish week every year in Northern Ireland, and with contacts to Southern Ireland.  The Society is going from strength to strength with great support from the Irish.  Meanwhile, the North Highland Way as it stands is becoming very popular, thanks to Tina's efforts and those of some of the people in the North of Scotland, and, of course the Irish.  However, it’s development as a multi-use route which not only adheres to the EU Directives on Sustainable Tourism and Climate Change but the new company behind it continues to have problems with public services who want everything for free.  The route is now twinned with the Caminos in Spain and we are working with Caminos in Scotland to form a similar set up.  The North Highland Way is now renamed the Camino of St. Brian, with the assistance of the Confraternity of St. James.

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So, then, the company is a tripartite of Competa in Andalucia which, it is hoped will become the first “green destination” in the Axarquia and its new business club, with the support of ThisisSpain and the north of Scotland with the Friends of the North Highland Way, and Northern Ireland with the Hispanic Society of Carrickfergus.  Focussing on historical and cultural links and walking, or any non motorised transport activities (covering the environmental remit) Rachel Carson Enterprises is bound for great things.  

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Tina is a member of the National Union of Journalists and also of the wonderful writing group, the Inkslingers in Dublin.  She writes a short story every week, publishes it on She hopes readers will enjoy her sometimes “off the wall” humour. Meanwhile, she continues to work on her historical novel based in Ireland with links to Spain “Two Pairs of Blue Eyes” and hopes to publish in 2020. Watch this space!

In short, the Caminos in Spain and the North Highland Way, aka the Camino of St. Brian are going from strength to strength, a true LetsGoSouth meets LetsGoNorth project.  With this and the plans for an Instituto de Cervantes planned for Carrickfergus, all things Spanish will come to Northern Ireland, and the south. 

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