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Siff Frost has worked with health and nutrition since 2006. It all started when she was working as part of a research project with psychiatrists in the area of young people suffering from schizophrenia. As a qualified nutritionist and health coach, Siff contributed with her knowledge about nutrition, researching food and exercise as a treatment for schizophrenia. 

In 2010, I went the holistic way in my work, and now I am a Functional medicine Health Coach and personal trainer.

Functional medicine looks for the root causes of a symptom or a disease

A Functional medicine health coach believes let the food be your medicine.

I have created my completely unique method and Living by Frost® is health made simple.

In my consultations I use a lot of techniques; tests, nutrition, lifestyle changes, stress and sleep coaching, exercise, supplement and much more. It all depends on you and your health status.

You will find Living by Frost® online and my consultations can take place at a cafe in Fuengirola, or online via Zoom, or by mail.

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