Disabled people in South Spain

When I came to south Spain, I thought I could actually work in my old work. I was working in a homecare for disabled people. But I must admit I soon found out, that here in this area of south Spain it is still the family who have to look after them.
Even the hotels, which are all built so people in a wheelchair can make holidays and they all have a service to look after your children, dont have that service. If your child is disabled, that’s it. You look after it, they dont have any stuff for looking after your child, your parents or just a friend, who cant look after himself.
I think that is very sad, there is not even a school, kindergarden or daycare centre in my area, all children have to be “carried” to another place, in case both parents want or have to work.
When you ask the officials why, they dont even seem to be very interested in such a service. I think this is a very sad situation, because if you teach them, they can still learn a lot, to get a lot more independend.
So now I thought if I cant help in big scales, I can do it in small ones at least. I started a little service to look after these people, if their family cant do it themselves or if they just need to have time for themselves. And I can tell, that my customers are all very happy to have a few hours off sometimes.
If anybody needs help in the area of Roquetas de Mar, with a family member/friend, or if it is just looking after someone while they do something else, you can contact me.
Finding the right place in Roquetas to make holidays, I can give them the contacts.
Even if somebody who wants to make holidays here but needs help in their daily activity, they can contact me.
I am a professional carer for disabled people, and I worked in that profession in Germany for some years.

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  1. Britt Nicolaisen

    Hello Stella,
    thanks for your comment. I must admit, I found out, that a lot of families cant do it any longer, because they all have to work to pay their bills. Some are very desperate to find somebody taking care of their family member, but they cant afford it. And where I live the officials dont really care, that is what makes me a bit angry and that is why I offer my service compared to what people can pay… And they are really happy, that they can actually work for a couple of hours per week without paying me a lot…

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