Do you want a happy & bubbly life without alcohol…? – Hi!


Since this is my first post here on Costa Women I´ll start with a short introduction. I´m Izzy – a Dutch expat living in Marbella, Spain since 2006.

I started in Amsterdam though, I was born (1975) and raised there. After graduating at the Hogeschool van Economische Studies Amsterdam I worked in casinos, both online and land based. In 2006 I moved to Spain where I met my lovely husband, and only a short few years later we created a gorgeous daughter together. While she was growing up I decided to focus full time on motherhood and sports – I love playing Padel tennis & going to the gym.

Meanwhile my curiosity about sobriety grew. I have always had a bit of a twisted relationship with alcohol myself and I felt ready to do something about it. So I started a website (Nov last year) on which I blog about my exciting journey towards full sobriety and where I l share many tips, thoughts & personal stories that hopefully will help women that are on the same path –

Here on Costa Women I´ll share some of that and also, I would love to hear from you!! Any experiences, questions and ideas, bring them on, let´s do this together 🙂 Are you thinking about moderation? Or are you a happy drinker? Are you a sober person? Or a binge drinker? There are so many variations in the levels of drinking, it´s quite interesting really… Some say that if you are consciously thinking about your drinking you are already in some sorts of ´thing´ with alcohol – what do you think about that statement?


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Izzy x