Costa Women Get Together: The Healthy One!

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  • Surayah and Mark who run The Living Raw Retreat will be joining us at the next Costa Women evening.  Surayah is a natural health educator and Mark is a raw food gourmet chef.  They will discuss how we can take control of our own health without relying on pills and potions.  How to naturally have more energy, look and feel younger, reverse diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and dare I say it, cancer (e.g. Most people are not aware that diabetes II can be corrected in one to three weeks with the right diet)
    Mark will show some quick and simple recipes and easy ways to incorporate healthy habits at home.


    Luda will also be sharing on the night about Noni fruit which has incredible health and medicinal properties as well as giving us a Tahitian Noni tasting. 

    15 years ago Tahitian Noni International brought an awareness of noni fruit & today millions of people around the world are experiencing the wonder of what was once an island secret. Join us for an informative talk  & tasting Tahitian Noni which is known for its incredible health & medicinal properties

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    9:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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    The Loft, Calahonda Avenida España, 18, Conjunto Buenavista, Calahonda Map
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