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  • Ayurveda Health Workshop Friday 19th Jan 7.30pm Benalmadena

    Are you tired of suffering from the same health issues? Fed up of having to take medication, when you’d really rather not? Tried several different natural remedies for things, that work for a while or take the edge off, but don’t quite make you better?
    Do you wonder why certain foods, types of exercise etc work for others but not for you?

    The ancient practice of Ayurveda recognises that we are not all the same. When a herb is prescribed or a food is suggested it is done so in the knowledge that that person is not the same as the next one.
    We all have different constitutions that need to be treated differently.

    Come along on Friday 19th Jan and learn about Ayurveda with our fully qualified nutritional therapist and yoga teacher Lorraine.
    Fine out what your own constitution is and how you can learn what your body needs. Find out why its is that you like the hot weather but your friend prefers the cool; why you are prone to infections or nervous disorders or why you need more sleep than others and what you can do to bring harmony to your body systems and balance your constitution.

    The workshop has very limited places so please let us know early if you would like to book.
    Please message to book.

    The price is 15E and includes a glass of wine or soft drink.
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    7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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    Calle Torcal, Benalmadena, 29639 Map
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    Lorraine Ereira
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