Costa Women Business Breakfast: August

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  • This month is going to be all about YOU! After the last few months were we have had a speaker come and share their journey, this time you will each be given 5 minutes to share yours! Real business is about creating relationships and emotional connections with people so you are going to sharing your story.
    1. any object which links were you are from
    2. one of your products, or details of your services, or something which relates to your business, or charity
    3. ideas for how the two are connected!
    For instance, I would bring my sunglasses and a business card! I have spent the 25 years of my life travelling around the world and along the way I have made sure I have a vision of where I am going and also to see who are the people around me I can connect with and who I can introduce others too. I now use my network to connect and introduce Costa Women and also Clients to people who would be useful for them, their business and possible collaborations. Get the idea!
    See you clutching your objects and business stories upstairs in El Gusto in August!
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    9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
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    El Gusto de La Cala, La Cala de Mijas Map
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