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  • Living on the sea means that I have become even more aware about the harm that single-use plastic (drinking straws, water bottles, snack bags, juice boxes, 6-pack O-rings), cigarette butts and lost fishing gear have on our little slice of paradise. So I've decided to channel that passion into organizing a monthly beach clean up.

    Our first Community Beach Clean Up takes place in La Herradura on Saturday, October 6 from 10am-12noon and happens to coincide with the 6th annual Sea Festival hosted by Amigos del Mar. There are already 8 teams committed to coming out for the clean up and I would love it if COSTA WOMEN made a team and came out for the morning. It's FREE to register a Team or feel free to just show up and I'll give you a pair of gloves and a pick up bag provided by the local Media Ambiente! To stay on top of all the event details visit
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    10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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    La Herradura Map
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