Theta Healing Certificated Basic DNA Course

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  • 7th - 8th & 9th December

    What is the course about?
    Learn how to use the Theta Healing Technique to recognize subconscious limiting beliefs that hold you back or keep you stuck, and replace them with positive ones. Learn to reach the Theta Brain wave state to connect to the creative source to clear trauma and bring about positive changes and healing for your life and those of others.

    What will we cover?
    • The 5 brainwave patterns
    • Cultivating a theta brain wave and using it to connect directly to the Creative Source
    • Understanding how subconscious beliefs are formed and how they can play a part in what you attract into your life.
    • Changing limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind and Creating new positive feelings
    • Working with the four belief levels – core, genetic, historic and soul beliefs
    • Understanding and working with the 7 planes of existence
    • How to find the subconscious beliefs that underlie physical conditions using questioning techniques
    • Witnessing Healing and facilitating group healing
    • Communicating with Guardian Angels and Guides
    • Learning how to use muscle testing as a tool to establish what beliefs are held in the subconscious mind
    • Clearing negative influences from your energy field e.g. radiation, psychic hooks, fallen spirits, vows
    • Using the theta brain wave state to create manifestation and abundance
    • Discovering and developing your intuitive skills.

    What will I achieve?
    By the end of this course you should be able to...
    - Apply the Theta Healing technique to recognize and change limiting, negative beliefs from the subconscious mind
    - ‘Download’ new positive beliefs and feelings
    - Clear and balance the body’s energy field
    - Facilitate energy healing for yourself and others
    - Use the Theta brain wave state for attracting positive manifestations and abundance into your life.

    What level is the course and do I need any particular skills?
    This course is suitable to all, no prior experience is necessary. It is for professional therapists, healers and lay people alike. You will receive The Theta Healing® Basic course practitioner level certificate.

    How will I be taught, and will there be any work outside the class?
    You will be taught via presentation and demonstrations from the tutor, question and answer, pair work, meditation, group discussion and practical tasks. Reading and practising Theta Healing® outside of the classroom will enhance your learning.

    Are there any other costs? Is there anything I need to bring?
    The manual is included in the cost of the course. You may need pen and paper for writing notes.

    When I have finished, what course can I do next?
    This course allows progression to the certificate in Theta Healing® Advanced Course.

    About Anne:
    Anne loves holding Sacred Space, be it for individuals in therapy sessions or for groups at workshops and ceremonies. Her strong intuition allows her to navigate skilfully between different layers of reality and track down the essence of what lies therein often unseen.

    She originally trained as a conference interpreter, where she learnt to “take herself out of the picture and allow the information to flow through as unaltered as possible”. Little did she know at the time that later on this would become her most important skill as a healing practitioner.

    In 1988 she began her spiritual journey with the daily practice of Raja Yoga meditation. In 2007 her deep connection with Nature lead her to remember her shamanic roots and she started to follow the call to do healing work. She went on to training in several traditions (Celtic, Andean, Hawaiian) and later on Tuning Fork Therapy, Empowerment Drumming, Energy Healing, Intuitive Anatomy, Neuroscience, EFT and Theta Healing among others.

    Her own vast experience in personal development together with years of accompanying others on their life path (and beyond) have made her a seasoned facilitator.

    What she most enjoys nowadays –apart from spending time in the sea- is being able to pass the tools she knows work well on to others.

    The full course investment is 400€.
    A deposit of 50€ is required to secure your place. The remainder of 350€ is due on the first day of the course.

    Scholarships available.

    Contact us for payment details.

    Cancellation policy
    If you cancel your workshop
    More than 6 weeks before the workshop – 85% refund
    4 weeks before the workshop – 50% refund
    Less than 2 weeks before the workshop– no refund

    Schedule available upon request

    Information and registration Please contact me (Tracey) at Centro Dharma

    (+34) 642 740 109
  • 12/7/18 at 4:00 PM -
    12/9/18 at 7:00 PM
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    Nerja, Malaga Spain Map
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    Anne Zipse & Centro Dharma
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