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  • Unresolved family entanglements may reappear so that someone in the family system recognizes it by giving it a place.
    Through the systemic lens we can zoom out at the situation that concerns you and prevents you from moving forward. Coaching and Constellations is a fast and dynamic tool to obtain deep information about your issue or situation, see what is missing or what needs to be attended in your life in order to achieve your needs.
    Individual Coaching & Constellations is not therapy, three to five sessions are the usual recommended number.

    Individual Sessions (1hour) available on Mondays in Barcelona
    from 3pm to 8pm.

    Call me to take an appointment: T. 684 106 522
    Daniela Mc Lean, Certified Coach and Systemic Constellations Facilitator.

    For Group Workshops and more information call or check my website at
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    3:00 PM
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    Barcelona Well Woman Centre. Caspe 80, 1-3. Map
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