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  • On behalf of my non profit Business... 'Asociacion Consciencia Magnifica', IAM delighted to be able to invite YOU to our FREE monthly RelaxANDTalk Group in Benalmadena.

    Are YOU struggling with physical or mental wellness... maybe YOU are just wondering what's going on within you and in your world or maybe YOU would just like to be part of a compassionate group of people balancing BodyMindSpirit as we all journey through this great time of transformation.

    Through passive and active awareness... Meditation, Dance, Art, Song, Journaling... etc YOU are encouraged to relax and balance your Body, Mind & Spirit that will bring about optimal wellness, meet like-minded friends in an Environment of Compassion, understand what is truly happening in the world and allow yourself to be your Magnificent Self, living a life of celebration.


    As Earth and Humankind experience this great Shift of Consciousness now... YOU may experience dark days of feeling despair, loneliness, helplessness, melancholy, pain, anguish, discouragement, misery, sorrow, wretchedness, shame... but this doesn't mean there is anything wrong with YOU.

    It means in some way YOUR Body, Mind & Spirit is not in balance.

    Society deals with Body/Mind dis-ease through separating us even further through labelling, medication and not a lot of love and care, maybe this is why most dis-ease is on the increase... especially around Mental Health & Chronic Pain.

    Compassion, self-love, coming together, connection and natural healing is what can transform dis-ease into wellness and is what we focus on.

    YOU are a unique, precious and an essential part of our world AND we want to inspire and support you to look at yourself with 'Big Compassionate Eyes'. For YOU to become aware of YOU, what you love & what excites you, how to balance YOUR Body, Mind & Spirit and allow your passion to bring in all your desires.

    It is time for the Human to AWAKEN, to REUNITE Body, Mind & Spirit and realise as a multi-dimensional being YOU can reclaim YOUR power and step out of the Human Game with its emotional and mental cycles of struggle, being unsuccessful and suffering.


    Come and join us each 1st Monday in Benalmadena from 17.00 until 19.00.

    Please Note: We will never tell you to stop taking your conventional or complementary therapy/medicine, it is about connecting All of yourself together and finding YOUR own answers.

    Please contact or by facebook messenger... to register your interest to join us.

    About Barbara
    Barbara has followed her inner passion working with #newenergy as a New Energy Pioneer for the last 20 years.

    Working with New Energy is unique; it has no name, label, method or fits into any box... as it changes in each moment consciousness directs it. She has therefore steered away from studying/joining old and new conventional and complementary health therapy and focused solely on following her intuition... her Divine inner guidance.

    Barbara supports and inspires you to resonate with your own energy/consciousness... Your Magnificent and All Powerful Self that is in charge of healing and balancing Body, Mind & Spirit and bring yourself back into your natural vibrancy and well state of being.

    Connect with her via email: or tel: 650796579
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    Barbara Franken
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