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  • In our February Business Breakfast, you are going to learn with Natalia Edelmann how to use feelings to achieve ultimate success in your business. Last month we talked about goals and the importance of planning. Attaching feelings to your goals allows you to really connect on a deeper level to that desire, and everything you do.
    When you come up with a goal, do you ever just take a moment to close your eyes and really feel what it’s like to achieve it? Pick your biggest goal and be prepared to make it happen! Think for a moment about how you felt when you brought on your first client or when you hit your first income goal? It was probably like winning an all-expenses paid 10-day vacation to Hawaii!
    You’re excited, motivated, and beyond energized. Well, what if you brought that energy to everything you do in your business? Even the stuff that right now you’re thinking is horrible, like managing accounts, handling difficult clients, and all the other struggles and crap that comes with owning a business. It comes with the territory.
    The real secret is in how you show up on the inside! If we want high frequency things like free vacations to Hawaii, we need to be on that level, that energy frequency, so that we attract them into our life. When we do things that trigger a negative feeling, like think negatively about ourselves, or negatively about what you’re doing, you are not matching that frequency.
    Making a list of all the thoughts that you FEEL negatively about and all the things you don’t FEEL great about doing allows you to raise your awareness of when your frequency is likely low. From there we can reframe them to be the opposite, and indirectly raise our vibration and energy to the next level by focusing on the feeling that we attached to the goal.
    I hate expenses because I always leave them to the last minute and it takes me forever to do it at month end… becomes …I get better every day at tracking my expenses as they happen because then I don’t have to do it later and I FEEL so great and have so much more time to do other things.
    Now what can you do to make it happen? Set daily reminders in your calendar, use a daily affirmation, do whatever you can to recall that feeling of pure joy at month end when all you have to do is review, confirm and look at your dashboard. Suddenly the task doesn’t feel so bad, and I’m thankful for my phone that lets’ me snap a picture of a receipt and with a click of a button send it to my calendar.
    Let’s bring joy to everything that we do because I guarantee that you will see transformation in your business and in your life. You cannot control circumstance, but you can control your behaviour and you can choose your beliefs, your thoughts, and ultimately your feelings.
    See you soon!
    • Intro
    • Feelings and Success
    • Feel Goals + Activity
    1. Write down 1 word that says how you want to feel this year.
    2. Think of 1 thing that you just hate doing in your business. What feelings does it bring up for you and how can you reframe it to allow yourself to achieve your Feel Goal?
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    Natalia Edelmann is a Yin Yoga Teacher, Life Fulfillment Strategist, Certified Wellness Coach, and co-author of Natural & Organic Healing: Your Ultimate Health & Wellness Guide. She is on her second book due to be released in Spring 2019!

    She is on a mission to help high achievers reach their full potential by helping them reconnect with mind, body and soul so they can get clear, get healthy and break free from whatever is holding them back from living their best life.

    Natalia is the Founder of the The Life Fulfillment Academy Community and Make It Happen System, where she offers a 6 month mentorship program that combines a unique approach using life and wellness coaching principles, strategies and techniques gained through her 10+ years corporate experience, her academic experience with her MBA and CPA, and business experience running a second business as a distributor of essential oils since moving to a more plant-based lifestyle.

    Before transitioning into her role as a Strategist and Coach, Natalia worked at one of the top Canadian Wealth Management firms in Canada, acting not only as a coach and mentor to her staff, but also as acting co-chair and mentor to women enrolled in their Women's Mentorship Program.

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    9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
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    UPSTAIRS in El Gusto, La Cala de Mijas Map
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    Ali Meehan & Natalia Edelmann
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