Second Breathing through Yoga and Sound

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  • Prana (Sanskrit word for breath) is important when developing your practice.
    Practicing Prana helps to regulate and purify the vital life force energy that moves in the human body through the meridians to nourish, protect and strengthen the bodily systems.
    The harmonic flow of Prana is as essential for the health of the body as it is for the mind. When your Prana becomes unbalanced you becomes susceptible to illness and disease in body, mind and spirit.
    When bringing awareness to your body and consciously practicing breath control exercises through yoga and sound, you can bring positive changes to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
    Prana is a manifestation of the whole, the origin of existence, the basis of life, the impulse of movement and the cause of change and duality.
    Prana is the vital energy that forms life throughout the universe.

    Sound Journey
    An intimate exploration of the self - body, mind and soul - through the magic of ancestral instruments
    Sound for overall health
    Sound helps optimize brainwaves, heartbeats and respiration. Sound therapy enables you to reach the Theta brainwave state where deep meditation, healing and creativity take place.
    When you hear a Tibetan singing bowl, a gong or any other sound healing or ancestral instrument you don’t just hear sound: you feel vibrations on a deep cellular level.
    Each of those instruments is designed to resonate at a frequency corresponding with the body’s energy. And by sounding them on, or close to the body, we can bring the mind and body back into sync. That’s why sound has been used for centuries to heal people with ailments ranging from anxiety, stress, depression and long-term illnesses.

    In this combination of Prana, Yoga and Sound, we invite you to join us for this special class of mindful yoga practice together with vibrational sounds where we will explore the power of Prana -the vital life force.

    Price: 30 E per class or 4 classes 100 E

    The Urban Holistic Tribe - "The name Urban Holistic Tribe comes from the vision of seeing the human being from a mind, body and soul perspective, but also from the perspective of this society and how it impacts our everyday life. Through yoga, sound and other conscious activity we want to create space for realignment.”

    Fran Rajewski - is a vibrational sound fixer, massage therapist as well as the founder of SoundAtaraxia. She is passionate about the value of sound for mind, body and soul and holds space for her clients, so they feel nurtured, relaxed and supported on their wellbeing journey.
    Obsessed with sound from an early age, whether it was playing flute in her teens or singing in bands at university, it was later in her 20’s when she started meditating, that she began to appreciate sound on a deeper and more spiritual level.
    In 2017, after reading about Christine Heckel’s intensive Peter Hess sound massage course, she saw the opportunity to combine both of her passions, massage and sound and trained to become a Peter Hess practitioner.
    Adapting her methodology to every individual, she loves that every sound massage is truly unique to the client and she personalises each session with a combination of singing bowls, Koshis® and fen gong. A sound bath is another aspect of sound therapy. Comfortably seated or lying down in a welcoming room, participants are taken on a journey of self-discovery. Gongs, meditation bowls, Koshis, shamanic drum and flute, tonguedrums, as well as many other instruments, many ancestrals, create a sound atmosphere that envelops and penetrates the body and mind, immersing participants in deep relaxation.
    Based in Malaga she offers one-to-one and group sessions as well as workshops in the city, in Andalusia and wherever she is called to.

    Sara Vaz -“Yoga is living in constant transformation, awakening consciousness and acceptance and an encounter with oneself in the here and the now, getting to know the function of your body through breath and alignment.”
    Sara Vaz, born in Sweden, now lives in Malaga with her two daughters, where she teaches Hatha and Yin Yoga. Sara has a weak spot for meditation and being out in nature and loves to express herself in the form of painting and writing, she did 4 years of Art studies.
    In Sweden she used to work with people with special needs and social difficulty through Projects to break the isolation, often in the form of Art, Music and Movements, through her degree as a Educator for people with special needs.
    She did her first teacher trainings in Hatha Yoga (200 h) in 2016, in collaboration with Susan Church, a teacher dedicated to the beautiful science of myofascial movement, and later two Yin Yoga trainings, specialised in Chinese medicine. She also travelled to India and did a Vipassana course to deepen and awaken the path against spirituality.
    Right now she is studying to become a Holistic Therapist through Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) studies.
    Current favourite mantra is “I am loving awareness” (Baba Ram Dass).
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    6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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    Ananda Laié Yoga Studio Fuengirola, Avenida Jesús Cautivo, 11, Fuengirola Map
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    Françoise Rajewski and Sara Vaz
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