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  • Anyone who would like and is interested is welcome to join our sunrise hike!
    WHEN: Thu, July 30th at 7:00am meeting (please do not be late as it is hot and is best to start early)
    WHERE: once you pass Jete, there is a parking lot on the right side, the road splits (to Itrabo or Otivar). We will meet at the parking lot.
    WHAT you need:
    1) water! Muy importante
    2) appropriate shoes,
    3) hat
    4) sunscreen
    + everything YOU need in the hot summer days out in the nature!
    There are *no mosquitos in the morning there.
    *No guarantees.
    The hike will be approx 2,5hrs depending from the pace
    We will drive higher on the mountain before starting the hike.
    There will be some steeper spots, we will end at a picnic spot overlooking Itrabo - Molvizar and the sea.
    Pine trees, olives, eucalyptus, lots of rosemary - very lovely area!
    Unless we are super fast (we could try to do a loop), we will come back the same way.
    Comment bellow if you have any questions/concerns.
    FREE to join and at your own risk!
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    7:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Where
    Jete - Please comment in event for driving directions if you are interested to join! Map
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