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  • Collaboration, Support and Inspiration - Global Networking, Brainstorming and Collaboration for Women in Business across the Globe.
    This event is brought to you by the hosts of the Women in Business Radio Show and 1230 The Women's Company.
    It's much more than networking!
    Of course, there will be the chance to share what your business does, and make those all-important connections to help you grow - but this event is going way beyond that.
    By connecting and sharing with other women in business across the world, we can get inspiration and ideas on how to navigate the changing world and not just survive but grow our businesses.
    Special Discussion and Sharing Topics:
    More To be announced soon!

    = Tapping Away The Stress Of Uncertainty with EFT Specialist Zeenat Noorani
    Zeenat will be doing a demo and live session on this powerful and fast stress-reducing technique EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping).
    Pivoting your business and negotiating these strange times to move forward needs creative thinking and planning, and that is so hard to do, probably impossible, when your body is pumping adrenalin and producing too much cortisol. This simple technique reduces stress and helps you to calm down so you can start to see the wood from the trees. Feel better and move your business forwards.

    = We are All Broadcasters Now: How to Look Even More Professional Online, with Roz Morris of TV News London
    Roz is an influential adviser to business and the public sector on handling the media. She is a former BBC and ITV news broadcaster and founded TV News London Ltd, the leading media training company, more than 20 years ago.
    Working from home means everyone is now having to learn to talk professionally online and on-screen in meetings and interviews. We are all broadcasters now - But we don’t all have the skills of broadcasters, and it’s so very easy to get things wrong when you’re at home and you have to be your own producer and director.
    Whether it’s a meeting, a presentation or an interview, are you sure you’re looking professional? Are you looking in the right place? Are you sitting in the dark? What’s the background behind you? Do you have a door handle growing out of your ear? Do you look smart or scruffy?
    You don’t want to look and sound unprofessional, but, so many people are currently making mistakes because of a lack of basic information on what is now required for business life online.
    Roz is a leading media trainer, and former BBC and ITV broadcaster and she will give expert tips on how to:
    • Master your equipment – and you don’t have to spend a fortune
    • Sort out your professional space where you will talk online
    • Assess what to wear
    • Sort out your lighting, framing and sound
    • Find your correct eye line
    • Achieve your most professional image on-screen whether in meetings, presentations, job interviews or media interviews.

    = Setting Goals and Focusing In Turbulent Times with Toccara Steele, Broadcaster, Founder and Leadership Specialist.
    Just how do we set goals and keep our focus with everything up in the air!
    Plus Panel Session and Networking!
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    2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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    Jackie Groundsell
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