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  • 1230 The Women's Company and Costa Women are delighted to bring you our 9th Annual “MAKE IT HAPPEN” Summit, for the second year as an online event. Since 2012, we have been hosting successful learning and networking events, helping Women in Business to make it happen in business and in life; this year will be no different.

    Hosted over 3 days -11th March, 25th March and 30th March 2021 from 2.30 pm each day (CET) to 5.30 pm Join us for 1, 2 or all 3 events to increase your connections and increase your learning to develop you and your business.


    DAY ONE - 11 March

    KEYNOTE - Annabel Kaye - Women are supporting the world

    Anke Herrmann - Welcome to the tech kitchen - how to choose and set up the online tech needed to build your business.

    Claire Sewell - Upgrading your money consciousness to get paid what you’re worth

    DAY TWO - 25 March

    Nataliya Storozhylova - Confidence & Authenticity to be Unstoppable in every sphere of Life

    Claire Young - Survive & Thrive (fireside chat)

    Carole Pyke - The Personal Brand Vision Board

    DAY THREE - 30 March

    Amalia Brightley-Gillott - Ditch the Distractions - How to get sh*t done & reach your ultimate goal

    Indra Books - How others perceive you

    Fiona Catchpowle and Adelle Martin - Challenge 'The Change' in Business

    Tara Gilver - Why Women Need Women to Succeed


    “Huge round of applause for all the Costa Women International Women's Day online speakers. We listeners have been so inspired/reassured/compelled into action by what you have shared with us today. Massive thank you to Ali and Jackie for going ahead with this event, come hell or high water! You Made It Happen and we love you all for it.” - Melissa Vaughn

    "As I see it the Make it Happen Conference is all about inspiring, encouraging and empowering women business owners and women interested in starting one. It is also a great opportunity to connect and engage with other women.
    Whilst the current situation is not ideal and not at all what we expected or planned for Ali Meehan and Jackie Groundsell are leading by example and showing that in the middle of a storm (the business journey is littered with them) there are still opportunites and possibilities if you choose to look beneath the surface.
    We can still be engaged, connected and inspired. When life hands you lemons it would be rude not to make lemonade!" - Carole Pyke

    "Thanks to all the truly inspirational ladies who helped to #makeithappen today.
    It’s been a huge effort to turn this around so that we could still all be connected - Thank YOU 
    Great things are coming ... just put your seat belt on girls and enjoy the ride of 2020 and despite what’s thrown at you ....give it your best shot " - Sara Haley

    "Can't recommend this event enough, just the atmosphere of support alone is enough to kickstart you into action, never mind the tons of great advice!" - Tasha Kerry

    “I realised how much inspiration and energy I got from being surrounded by such awesome women! Loved the feeling of connection and solidarity!” - Lorna Culnane

    “Inspiration! And confidence!” - Lisa J Guerra

    “I did not know what to expect. I went with an open heart & mind and had such fun meeting so many inspiring women & realised how boyant that made me feel! Listening to Michel was so inspiring and realised that nothing is in the way of our dreams, other than ourself! Attitude is \ud83d\udd11 key. Loved it \ud83d\udc97” - Heather Prince

    "Inspiration 100% anything is possible, getting know my inner goddess - buzzing. Amazing event being an EXPERT" - Jill Burgess

    “Feel like I can accomplish anything, so many inspiring women that made you feel like you have a pack of cheer leaders behind you, going you can do this - thanks for a great day” - Lesley Lawler

  • 3/11/21 at 3:00 PM -
    3/30/21 at 6:00 PM
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    https://hopin.com/events/iwd-summit-day-one Map
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    Ali Meehan & Jackie Groundsell
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