Costa Women Meeting the Challenges of Working from Home

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  • 2020 saw many of us forced to work from home, either full time or most of the time. And this has brought with it a variety of challenges from creating a viable workspace to juggling homeschooling, tackling new technology, and the endless stresses of being unexpectedly confined with little chance to prepare.
    Going forward into 2021, we have largely adapted to the ‘new normal’, but it still presents challenges for our mental & physical wellbeing, particularly in terms of maintaining our productivity in circumstances that are far from normal. So what adjustments, innovations and new behaviours can we introduce to make our lives easier?
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    When: Feb 25, 2021 11:00 Madrid
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    Nadine Kazerounian a Personal Organization Coach ((2) The Style Guide | Facebook) and Maya Middlemiss, freelance journalist, author and founder of Healthy, Happy Homeworking ((2) Healthy Happy Homeworking | Facebook) will be discussing these issues.
    Nadine will focus on clearing clutter which can affect our anxiety levels, our sleep patterns and our ability to focus. All of which can make us less productive, as well as triggering unhealthy coping mechanisms. Disorganisation & clutter can feel draining because the visual 'busyness' of an untidy home causes mental overload which can affect our working memory. On the other hand, clearing clutter from home & work environments enables us to focus better & improve our productivity. The stress & anxiety associated with living in clutter affects our immune system & digestion, making us more vulnerable to disease. Whilst tidy homes are predictors of better health, as well as helping us feel greater satisfaction & happiness with our lives. So we’ll focus on some simple measures & daily habits to clear clutter & maintain order.
    Maya has recently published “Out of the Office”, the first in a series of books about embracing remote working on your own terms to achieve balance & fulfilment in your life, and the next book about boundaries and borders will be published shortly, along with a self-paced training programme and club launching this summer. She’ll be concentrating on the complex issues generated when you work where you (and perhaps other people) also live – a setup which has many advantages but also creates unique challenges. These need to be addressed so you can enjoy a home working experience that is happy & healthy.
    So, do join us for this discussion about the challenges we all face when working from home, and hear our top tips for how to manage them whilst you work more effectively and live with less stress.
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    Nadine Kazerounian and Maya Middlemiss
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