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  • Mar 18 - hosted by Ali Meehan
    OPEN TO ALL - informative talk with Charmaine Arbouin, British Consul and Mijas Foreigners Department - frd - Brexit, next steps and latest update. If you have questions about the requirements following Brexit, please submit your questions PRIOR to the event by email BEFORE 11 March to frd@mijas....
  • Mar 11 - hosted by Ali Meehan
    For our March event we are going to be looking at what you want to achieve in the next 30 days. What product, event, offer you want to promote. And then we are going to work together to create a very basic marketing plan to make it happen! Before you come to the meeting, think what you want to wor...
  • Apr 4 - hosted by Deborah Frati
    Friday, April 3, from 7pm till 9pm At this special 2 hour Cooking Workshop, we will learn how to cook the following traditional Spanish recipes: - Salmorejo served with Iberian ham and boiled eggs - Spanish - Potatoes and Onion - Omelette - Chicken and Vegetables Paella And we will o...
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