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  • in 7 hours - hosted by Ali Meehan
    In this webinar Life Coach Elizabeth Lily will teach us one of the most powerful techniques in the world to release fears and anxiety - Emotional Freedom Technique. You will learn how you and your family can reduce stress and become centred and calm during these uncertain times. Emotional Freedo...
  • Apr 17 - hosted by Ali Meehan
    Bring your coffee, tea, cake (ice cream, wine ... no judgment here!) and join us for a social coffee morning online via zoom! Join Zoom Meeting
  • Tue at 6:30 PM - hosted by Natalia Edelmann
    I'm back - Wellness for Wealth TV Episode 61: How to Create a Better Relationship with Your Money!!! I am still buzzing from last week's first ever 'Unleash the Wealthy Woman Within' 5 Day Challenge and this week I am bringing you more great content to help you thrive! How to create a bette...
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