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  • Feb 4 - hosted by Emmie Cross
    We are thrilled to welcome Lisa Manly Cahill, Colonic Hydrotherapist, Nutritionist and digestive health fountain of knowledge to Bodyworks. To celebrate and because we know how many answers she really has, we are offering a digestive health open morning for one day ONLY to allow you to ask Lisa al...
  • Mar 11 - hosted by Ali Meehan
    Our first event to celebrate International Women's Day in Marbella will be an evening of networking at OurSpace Marbella from 18:30 Drinks and snacks included. Entrance 10€ Make sure you book your place for an evening of very International networking, to increase your contacts and make happen f...
  • 2 hours ago - hosted by Anne Duse
    Copenhagen is ahead of much of Europe in establishing a sustainable city. It is a soundbox of ideas that will givens hope for a collective future. Rafael Anderson is a British architect with experiences of building projects around the would. He is presently based in Granada
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