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  • Apr 22 - hosted by Ali Meehan
    Vision is the Destination, Strategy is the Pathway there, but YOU are the key to MAKE IT HAPPEN. When people hear the word wellness, they’re not too sure what it really means and why it is central to everything you are and everything you do. When people think of Wealth, people think about nice cars ...
  • 6 hours ago - hosted by Ali Meehan
    In this webinar Life Coach Elizabeth Lily will teach us one of the most powerful techniques in the world to release fears and anxiety - Emotional Freedom Technique. You will learn how you and your family can reduce stress and become centred and calm during these uncertain times. Emotional Freedo...
  • Apr 17 - hosted by Ali Meehan
    Bring your coffee, tea, cake (ice cream, wine ... no judgment here!) and join us for a social coffee morning online via zoom! Join Zoom Meeting
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