Getting the Outcomes you want

It’s September and Astrology wise Sun Sign Virgo makes a lot of strategy and planning available for you.

Money, Plans, Your Harvest, where to invest, and the best next steps are all open roads for you. And in this article I’d love to let you in on a secret that helps you get desired outcomes. 

If you love Astrology then you can listen to the energy of this month below.  

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I’d love to let you in on a brilliant “Secret” on receiving what you desire.

It’s a straightforward rule of thumb, yet not many people apply it consistently in their lives.


Why not? Because it brings up fear, insecurity and doubt. “Better the Devil you know”, often trumps actions that would get you outcomes you want. And to get this to work for you, you still need to leap. Out of your comfort zone and without getting guarantees on HOW this will play out for you. Just leap. The only guarantee, you’ll get if you want to know all in details beforehand is that you won’t get wherever you want. 


What’s this secret?

You have to invest in what is important to you. That’s it. That’s all. And I’m not just talking money (although it does help, because the money exchange is the agreement you are making with yourself and the Universe in regards to something you desire. If you do stretch yourself with a goal that’s new, exciting and will BRING YOU something you’ve asked for, the Universe matches your investment. 

Even to the point of magically receiving the amount you have just invested. This comes with a disclaimer though: in essence, it’s about making wise choices that benefit you and trust. In other words: if you know you’ll tie yourself in a severe money knot, because you “leaped” than you may want to reconsider other options first). However, if you never leap and never stretch yourself and always choose safe than you’ll remain right in the walled-in comfort zone you’ve already created for yourself.  

The essential law to GROWTH: it’s going to be about stretching your comfort zone.

And that’s because if you say you desire a, b or c. then to bring it in, you are going to have to show up different than before. 

Your current behavior got you where you are now. If you want to get to the next level, then you have to execute as if you are on the next level.

Sounds like a paradox? You can bridge those two parts in yourself by investing in your desires.

The investment is your vote of confidence. And your investment can be time, bringing in a habit, investing in learning or reading about what you see for yourself, healing the parts that are wounded, insecure, afraid, feel small, unworthy etc., working with an actual coach, trainer, taking courses, joining a group/membership. 

Stop investing in what is detrimental. Increase investment in what will be incremental. Result: getting to the next level. 
Regardless if you choose your health, your job, your house, your location, or your love life as a priority. In fact, with some of my coaching packages investing in it is non-negotiable. And I’m not talking about money. The question I’ll ask is: are you willing to make it a priority. Of course everyone says yes. I’ll check that statement incredibly realistically though. And guess what? A third actually is not willing to invest there after all! Which saves me and the client time, money, and shitty results. 

In short: if you want something new then start paving the path towards it. 

Unfortunately investing in personal well-being is somewhere at the bottom of the list (!). So somehow as a society we’ve decided it’s ok and “normal” to do all the hated chores you and push yourself around to be there for others, be a good employee, do what is expected of you and to “just get on with it”. But when it comes to that what will benefit you most. That what will bring you long-term health, and well-being and investing in causes that are important to you, then somehow it’s argued “that’s not done”.

It’s understandable, because society trained us to value other things.  

Your emotions and your personal well-being come last. Emotions are called “irrational”. While in reality your emotions have a very clear message that you have not learned to hear. 99% of my client conversations are on “things they are supposed to do” and staying in those dreadful circumstances. 

Your personal bliss should be on top of the list. 


I even believe that if everyone started listening a little bit more to what’s going on inside of them and started to heal the painful experiences, they’ll start creating inner space.


And from that inner space your core essence would start to shine through. And from that inner space you can start to grow more of what you love. It’s like spilling a drop of paint on a grey painting that then starts to colour your life more and more. Until you feel and see that bright, happy, peaceful, vibrant colour in every level of your life. 


That’s my wish for everyone here ready for it and if it’s in alignment with your highest good.


So what investment can you make today to start harnessing your well-being?