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Choice follows awareness. Aligning your inner vision with your physical environment is truly the portal to living in balance.

Hola, I'm Lee

Holistic-Chica, Designer-Diva and Eco-Advocate. 

I design, write, blog, speak, collaborate about all things related to space & design for a healthier, happier & more sustainable life. 

The HIGHEST REWARD a person 
can get by their toil is not what they GET from it,
 but what THEY BECOME by it.

S. Lee Wright Holistic Interior Designer

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Holistic Interior Design


Want that brand-new, feel-good, just-designed feeling in your home without the high price tag?

With a focus on being sustainable, Lee reviews your home with the intention of giving it a bespoke face lift, using as much existing elements as possible. Rearranging your furnishings, accessories, and lighting in new and innovative ways, staging your accessories in creative clusters and artistic vignette’s, suggesting small changes, eco-friendly purchase or possibly a new paint colour or material to be the just-so décor lift to make your home feel just right.

Each solution is custom created just for you utilising all of Lee’s toolkit from 3 decades of experience. Included in this package is a creative tool kit with proposed solutions, links, and tips for how to implement these design suggestions yourself.



Lee has created her own DIWY methodology over the decades as a Holistic Designer to create a unique package for every client. This is not a "one-size-fits-all” approach and no two design solutions are the same. The essence is based on a co-creative discovery process for what makes your heart sing, then the rest is to define what it is you can implement to create this in your space. Lee takes the HOLISTIC overview of your life to help you create the space and environment that will best enhance your life in this moment.

Need some professional advice, insight and problem solving? Lee can help just where you need it. Lee meets you where you are. Offering solutions that are customized to meet your needs, she offers these DIWY packages:



Do you feel your space is holding you back, or it just feels off? Or is there some area in your life that is truly stuck and won’t budge no matter what work you do to fix it?

Feng Shui is the mindful arrangement of your space that can lift your energy in every area of your life, and heal old wounds, open-up opportunities and inspire more creativity.

Lee’s FS review will place the Black Sect Feng Shui Bagua map over your home to give insights to theses 9 areas of your life. It will provide a clear reading of the areas that are in alignment, and which ones are not. Through this FS reading you gain insight into the reflection of yourself in your space, and Lee offers solutions to rebalance the energy in the space through the shifting and rearranging of the items in the space. Included in this package is a 9-Star Qi reading for the main family member which defines the overall elements for each person, giving insights to personal characteristics and helps to find greater interpersonal connections.


Not Just a Pretty Space

Your home & office can radiate happiness, health & harmony.

Let’s collaborate.


Lee works from Spain, with client’s all over, and mostly in the NYC/USA  that she called home for years before she moved her life to Spain! Distance design, remote work, and virtual design is something second nature to Lee now, after nearly a decade of working this way. She can help you, no matter where in the world you are.


Balance is not something you find, it is something you create. This is the right place if you are seeking to find solutions, rewrite your own story, discover what makes your heart sing, connect with like-minded people and co-create an inner & outer space that is in alignment with your true self.

Lee focuses on INNER design, finding new ways to enrich, empower and enlighten you throughout this balancing act we call life. She combines classic Interior Design with Feng Shui to offer a Sustainable approach to a better space and happier life.

Designing your outer space to reflect your inner space will enhance you to live more authentically and ultimately gain resiliency for when the world becomes complicated.

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My e-Books

After Lee moved to Spain, she wrote a few small books to help those with the DIY bug on home design. She poured all her knowledge and experience into these little gems to help you do it yourself.

If you are even beginning to complement the idea of a home make-over, these books can guide you through the process from a holistic and soulful approach that will help you avoid mistakes and enhance your chances of ending with your dream home on budget, one schedule and just right.

Feng Shui Tips: Home Renovations
Feng Shui Tips: Kitchen Renovations
Feng Shui Tips: Bathroom Renovations


Lee has a vast number of real-life experiences during her 30 years of practice with Design & Renovations to Feng Shui & Decor projects. Her work expertise spans the range from commercial to residential, large to small. For your own inspiration, check out some of her design work projects here.