True Confidence for Crazy Visionaries

Aleksandra Marjańska

Get ready for a portion of AHA's from this recovering hyper-achiever!

Do you build your business around an innovative idea? Maybe you’re offering something completely new, maybe even revolutionising your entire industry?

"Feel good to achieve more – not the other way around."

It means you’re a visionary.
It also means some people might call you crazy.
And at times you might wonder if they are right…

Join me as I show you how your unique authenticity can become your greatest marketing strategy thus far.

In her talk Aleks is going to help you strengthen faith in your unique vision an your capacity to make it happen, and make you move towards it faster with more self-trust and confidence in your decisions as leaders of your businesses and life.
She will address:
– a common advice given to entrepreneurs that actually does NOT apply to innovators and visionaries and should NOT be followed.
– the difference between growing your business and growing up as a business woman, and how one affects the other.
– the use of business mentors and how to do it in the most beneficial way while still staying in charge
– the issue of false confidence among high achievers and how to develop the true confidence we need
– why powerful decision-making is NOT about making the right decision
– how to stay on fire without burning out

About Aleks

I am a Professional ICF Coach to High Achievers and a researcher on Hyper-Achiever Syndrome. I love working with visionary entrepreneurs and trail-blazing leaders, and help them accomplish their exciting projects (businesses, books, PhDs, championships, even castles!). My tribe are people who through their work really make a change and have positive impact in their industry, community and even entire world. I make sure that they move forward faster, but also in a healthy, happy and balanced way – so that they don’t sacrifice life here and now in the name of their legacy.