Taming the Tech Monster

Anke Herrmann

A Roadmap to Building Your Business Online Without Overwhelm

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Online tech can feel like a jungle – easy to get lost and predators lurking behind every vine.

You want to create online programs (or courses, challenges, summits, memberships, podcasts) that allow you to impact more people and earn more without working more.

But when you look at all the options, when you listen to all the (conflicting) marketing messages you’re bombarded with, you either freeze, or you rush out – yet again – wasting time and money on tech tools that promise to take care of tech for you but never do.

“The good news is, there IS method to the madness”

It’s overwhelming and it’s frustrating. After all, you just want to offer 5-star service to your clients, not wrestle tech or have boring admin tasks suck the soul out of you.

The good news is, there IS method to the madness. There is a roadmap you can follow. Knowing what to focus on in what (unexpected) order will make all the difference for you. After all, with a clear path ahead of you, you’ll take action, and it’s the actions you take that build your online business, one step at a time, YOUR way.

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taming the tech monster

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