5 Keys to marketing in Tough Times

Kim Morrison

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5 Keys to Marketing in Tough Times

Hi I’m Kim Morrison and I help overwhelmed business owners, solopreneurs and start-ups escape the marketing maze.

I’m a British marketer, author, life-long learner, coach and Canva Champion. I’ve now been living in the beautiful Western Algarve, Portugal since 2016. 

I’ve been in Marketing all my career and it’s given me the chance to travel all over the world, working with different cultures and languages. I’ve worked for one of the world’s largest cosmetics companies and for small service businesses.

I started my business in social media which was new then. However, I recently decided to go back to my roots and take the mystery out of marketing with a simple, repeatable system that doesn’t require a marketing degree or a silver tongue to work.

“ How do you survive these difficult times? By employing the five M’s you’ll learn: Mindset, Memorable Brand, Massive Value, Meaningful Customer Experience, and Marketing Inbound."

No matter what type of business you run or how great your products, it’s inevitable that you’re going to face tough times sooner or later. However, you still need to be marketing your business.

So many factors are out of your control that can impact your business and in order to face these challenges, you need a plan in place to weather the tough times so you come through the other side thriving.

What kind of tough times might your business face? We’ve recently experienced a lot of these! 

  • Economic downturn or recession 
  • Global pandemic
  • Natural disasters or climate change
  • Wars disrupting supply chains 
  • Brexit!

Your business could also be hit by:

  • A major unforeseen shift in the market 
  • Your target market’s demographics suddenly changing
  • New competitors emerging

Your tough times could be personal; a bad year, a health issue, or personal problems. 

Learn the 5 Keys to Marketing in Tough Times

Mindset - Memorable Brand - Massive Value - Meaningful Customer Experience - Marketing Inbound