Why ‘selling yourself’ on camera is FUN!

manuela lanza

‘I don’t want to sound salesy’

‘I don’t like how I look & sound on camera’

These two thoughts alone kill your online presence

Showing your face on social media & on TV can be FUN! (& great to build credibility with your audience)

Selling is just ‘believing in your value’ & a camera is just a free window to “make offers to help people”.


“Inspire your audience by being 100% you.”

Picture this:

– You accepting selling is a key skill to grow your business.

– You showing your face on camera with confidence, passion & impact.

– You having fun like a kid whenever is ‘shooting time’ (so your audience will feel that energy too!)

– You inspiring your audience into action by being genuinely you 100%.

In this workshop, Personal Brand, Speaking Coach & former CNN journalist, Manuela Lanza, will share practical strategies she learned in almost 20 years as a TV reporter, to build trust with your audience from second 1 ( & have fun filming!). From framing yourself correctly to delivering your value with confidence.

So you can finally show up at your full potential for all your videos, live events & TV gigs!