Navigating Diversity: How to Approach Different Personality Types in Sales and Marketing

Mari-Liis Vaher

Understanding how to communicate to different audiences

here´s how

The presentation focuses on the strategic alignment of communication with various personality types. The key is to create a customised approach based on each of the most common personality types in order to resonate with the diverse perspectives and desires that can be found in the business landscape. As part of the presentation, Mari-Liis will introduce the DISC profile as a valuable tool for gaining insights into the psychology of different personalities.

Mari-Liis will delve into the decoding of personal preferences based on the DISC profile, offering practical guidance on adapting sales and marketing approaches accordingly. She will provide an understanding of behaviour in business, point out each personality type’s strengths, weaknesses, and keywords to use for effective communication. 

This isn't just theory – it's actionable advice that can lead to more meaningful and productive interactions, especially in sales and networking."

By the end of the presentation, you will have the knowledge to personalise each interaction, creating a memorable and successful experience in the business world.

Mari-Liis Vaher

Mari-Liis Vaher Marketing Coach

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