Is Smoking E-Cigarettes a Healthy Alternative?

Smoking without tobacco has never been done before but in just recent years it has been possible. With the new device called the electronic cigarette the standards of smoking have been changed. It has been said that the e-cig is a healthier way to smoke. It is said that the e-cig has removed the harmful ingredients of tobacco in your smoke and just left the nicotine. The e-cig also made more fans with its choices of flavors. You can choose from a lot of famous flavors just like tobacco, fruits, desserts and candies. You can even do an upgrade on your gadget to make it easier to use and faster to charge.

The e-cig has a lot of pros and cons. In the UK about a million people have been using e-cigarettes.

There are an increasing number of users but there are also people who think that it is still a health risk.

Some recent studies in the UK said one of the cons of this electronic cigarette is that it may cause some acute pulmonary effects just after five minutes of smoking the e-gig but not as serious as smoking a tobacco.

Another negative effect would be the spillage of the cartridges, with this leak, it is said that if you are in direct contact with nicotine in liquid form could be toxic.

Though it may have some cons, there are more pros that this device can offer you. The electronic cigarette can be your alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes but it can also be your stepping stone to stopping your smoking habits.

Another positive thing from smoking e-cigarettes is its ability to be smoked indoors. You can smoke in a room with non-smokers and they won’t be distracted by the smell of the smoke in other words it is smokeless. It also has fewer health risks compared to smoking traditional cigarettes.

Smoking e-cigs can also help you not have a bad breath compared to a regular one.